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Clinics and Internships
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The Dream:
                To learn to ride or own a horse has been a dream for many people since they were a small child. Teaching with simple steps that emphasize softness, collection and balance, Jan builds confidence for the horse and rider partnership. She helps people overcome riding and training problems with many different types of breeds. Jan uses conditioned response techniques when working with horses which rewards and releases the horse for doing the desired movement. She believes that conditioned response horse training sharpens observation and communication skills for both the horse and rider. We offer individual or group riding lessons, one day workshops, weekend sessions and our apprenticeship program.

Clinic Level 1

Flexion for collection
The Backup
Move over
Clinic Level 2

Advanced work on:
Flexion for collection
The Backup
Move over
Clinic Level 3

Turn on haunches
Advanced spin
Clinic Level 4

Practical uses for all sections of Clinic Levels 1-3, Transitioning into trail obstacles, L-shaped backing,
Gaited horse movement-problem solving
Obstacle Course Clinics (One Day length)
An admitted driven competitor Jan shares her passion of obstacle course competition in her four obstacle course workshops which are offered throughout the year.
 Each Clinic will explore different skills and do not require the previous clinics set.  The core training is listed but 10 other smaller obstacles will be available for practice. 
gate I.  Gate opening
Learn forward and backward, rope, oversized, small metal gates. 
II. Backing
Up and down hills, straight lines, patterns such as L-Z-S-U
III. Stepping Up
Platforms, boxes, stairs, bridges, teeter totters, tires,
IV. Noise Obstacles
Horns, cars, rattlers in tubes(not snakes), cap guns, dragging bags etc. 
Remionstand Internship
Jan has performed her musical freestyle obstacle course for charity and state media, representing the RMHA at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Her mare Remi is a three time Gold Medal winner in the Rocky Mountain Trail Obstacle program and in 2011 she won  reserve at the Rocky Mountain International Show trail obstacle class.