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EQuest Workshops
Our EQuest Workshops are offered throughout the year. Please keep checking for times and dates. The following are a listing of workshops we offer. Check out our Calendar for upcoming workshop dates. Contact us to set up a EQuest Workshop for your group, clients or self.  Phone:  270-777-3307, Email:


Watching You Workshop
(One Day)

From the moment you step on the farm our horses start observing you, as you in this workshop will be watching them. This workshop involves a series of activities with horses which participants explore non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, observation, and problem solving.

Who's Driving Whom? Workshop (Two Day)

Using cart driven harness horses individual participants explore teamwork patterns, problem solving, balance, leadership and taking responsibility.

Driven Workshop (One Day)

This driving horse one day workshop explores the often silent rules we have, leadership, hidden strengths, and the give and take needed for team work in relationships. Designed for couples, families, church and workplace groups.
Baby Steps Workshop (One Day)

Perfection, communication, distractions, and self growth may be experienced in this delightful workshop working with young Rocky Mountain Horses. Who better to teach you to have patience with yourself and enjoy life, than fun loving babies.