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Captain Awesome  

Born April, 2010, Cappy is  a registered Rocky Mountain gelding with a quiet, gentle spirit. The youngest of our herd he is always trying to get the others to play with him. 

Friendly and nosey its hard not to love him when he peeks out at you from under his very long forelock.  Our clients are attracted to his size and chocolate color. 

Still growing, Cappy offers compassion and sweetness to those who come to the farm.


Johny's Storm Chance

Born June, 2001, Chance is a registered and certified Rocky Mountain gelding.  Laid back and clever Chance only works hard at getting his dinner.  Our very first Rocky, Chance came to our farm at 16 month old and has just recently returned. 

Working with clients he's very patient and kind. We are happy to have him on the farm again.  Mischievous, Chance regularly takes brushes and towels off the stall shelves and flips over any standing chairs in his reach. 

Ed rides Chance in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) where their calm teamwork has earned them winning  ribbons every ride.


Red Bud's BlackJack

Born May, 2004, Dealer is a registered and certified Rocky Mountain gelding.  

Dealer would rather be with people than horses.  Clients like to spend their time braiding his flowing mane and tail and hugging his loving personable self.

Winning trail obstacle competitions both in ACTHA and the Rocky Mountain International Show this is Jan's equine partner and dream horse.


Marcum's Super Bad

Leader of our herd, Dare is 14 hands of perfection from his cute face to his athletic body.  Born in Feburary, 2008, Dare has been with us since 2010.  He is a registered Rocky Mountain gelding.

Dare is very sensitive to people and their emotions and is outstanding working with people.    His small size and gentle nature make him a favorite with clients.

Dr. Sam Tucker

Bright as a penny, Tucker is a charming, friendly chestnut gelding. He has become a favorite with our clients.

Born in August of 2001, Tucker is a registered and certified Rocky Mountain Horse.