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Our entire family loved Rocky Mountain horses (Rockies) from the very first one and collecting them comes naturally; you canít just have one.

Rockies have a natural lateral gait with a musical four beat sound, and can carry you smoothly all day in the roughest terrain.  They have sensible minds and catty balance that makes trail riding a blissful pleasure. 

Rockies have fun loving personalities that make you laugh. Gentle, highly intelligent and willing, these comfortable horses have a beauty and presence that turns heads wherever they go.

Rockies are perhaps best known for having chocolate colored bodies with flaxen or white manes and tails, but they come in all solid colors.

We believe that as beautiful as color may be, it is the least important characteristic of a horse. We select and train for a mellow trail horse temperament and smooth gait.  Our horses are easy keepers and adore people.

If you have questions about the Rocky Mountain breed or are looking for your horse partner in pleasure riding, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.
Every year we offer a few of our horses for sale as seen on the following pages.  Pull up a chair and enjoy our horses, better yet come take a test ride!

Until Soon --  Jan & Ed Culp

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